Twin Head Auto Liquid Filling Machine

SP2000 Twin Head Liquid Bottle Filling Machine


  • Master control unit with fill and speed adjustment
  • Fill range 10ml-5000ml
  • Fully automatic filling system
  • 4 meters of 101mm wide Stainless Steel Conveyor, fitted with plastic slat belting and guide rails to suit bottle size
  • Servo driven 17ltr gear pump
  • Bottle gating system
  • Run empty bottle detection
  • Easy touch to teach fill system
  • Fully adjustable nozzle height
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Typical run speed 10ml-100ml 35-40 BPM

Various nozzle configurations depending on the liquid are also available.

Rise and fall/bottom up filling configuration also available to assist with filling foamy products.


Building on the excellent performance of the SP1001 servo Liquid filler, the SP2000 range utilises two filling nozzles in tandem. This coupled with our conveyor system produces a highly versatile twin head automatic bottle filling machine.

Change over between seperate products is quick and easy. Combining this with the speed and accuracy of the fill, is key to its success in meeting diverse requirements. This configuration is equally at home running small fill levels below 100ml up to and beyond 5000ml. The filling nozzles are capable of delivering up to 350ml/second from each head. The SP2000 series is the ideal choice where frequent and varied product changes are required. As the setup time is minimal, you can achieve maximum run time regardless of the production schedule.

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