Pharmafil 3000 Twin Head Bottle Filling Machine

Pharmafil 3000 twin head bottle filling machine


  • Master control unit fully mobile for easy offline cleaning
  • 4 meters of 101mm wide stainless-steel conveyor, fitted with plastic slat belting, product guide rails system
  • Surface tension nozzles/Shut off nozzle option
  • Static nozzle dipping/part dive nozzle dipping option
  • Bottle gating system
  • Run empty, and bottle detection
  • Small guarding around gate area
  • Fill range 10ml – 1000ml
  • Output speeds depend on volume example 100ml 30-40 BPM
  • All stainless-steel fluid contact parts 316 with certification

Pharmafil 3000

Designed for vial filling, the low-profile design allows for simple overhead filtration to added, minimal moving parts, a simple nozzle tube, and a popular gear pump design, together with simple operational controls, reduces validation requirements and allows for simple operation.

Pharmafil 3000
Pharmafil 3000

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