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Chromex Technology are a bottle filling machine manufacturer based in North Wales UK. With years of industry experience we understand what is required in order to maximise output and increase profits. Our objective is to supply our customers with bottle filling machine solutions which assist them in becoming more competitive in their market sector. We take pride in the design and manufacturing of our bottle filling machines which have proven to be accurate, reliable and overall an excellent asset to any production floor. Utilising the latest in digital servo technology to boost accuracy and together with simple operator adjustments, make us the perfect choice for the modern production environments that require maximum flexibility coupled with high levels of productivity and profitability.

Food and Drink Filling Machines

We offer a variety of solutions to fill products within the food and beverage industry with our bottle filling machines filling products such as food colourings, cooking oils and even alchoholic beverages.

Household Product Filling Machines

We can fill various general household items such as general household cleaners and beauty products. Some of our machines currently fill liquids for the likes of Asda and Tesco.

Pharmaceutical Bottle Filling Machines

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, we understand hygiene and quality is a must. We can offer a wide range solutions to keep up with these standards and assist in the day to day production of these products.

E-Liquid Bottle Filling Machines

Since 2007 we have proivided various bottle filling machines to customers in the vibrant e-liquid industry whether a fresh start up or experienced manufacturer we have a solution to suit you.

Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine SP1001
benchtop liquid filling machine - sp1001

Originally conceived as our entry level machine, the SP1001 Servo fully embraces our intent to produce the most versatile, cost effective and profitable liquid filling machines currently available.
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Twin Head Bottle Filling Machine SP2000
twin head liquid filling machine - sp2000

The SP2000 range is the most cost effective fully automatic liquid filling system currently available in the Chromex range, specifically designed for quick and easy change over and upgradability.
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Multi Head Bottle Filling Machine SP8000
multi head liquid filling machine - sp8000

When higher outputs are required, the SP8000 series is the next logical choice. As with all our other bottle filling machines, it is based around the proven, precision servo system for unrivalled performance and accuracy.
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E-Liquid Filling Machines Semi/Fully Automatic
e-liquid bottle filling machines

The Chromex range now includes the perfect solutions for automated production in the vibrant e-liquid industry. If you produce e-liquid and need a solution to maximise production, we can help.
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About Chromex Tech

Chromex Technology Limited is an active company incorporated on 12 March 2010 with the registered office located in Flintshire, North Wales UK. Chromex Technology specialise in bottle filling machines including Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machines, Twin Head Liquid Filling Machines, Multi Head Liquid Filling Machines and E-Liquid Filling Machines.

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