SP8000 - 4-8 Head Filling Machine


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When higher outputs are required, the SP8000 series is the next logical choice.  As with all our other models, it is based around the proven, precision servo system for unrivalled performance and accuracy.
The SP8000 series is available in a number of different configurations to suit your exact requirements. Thanks to the modular concepts common to all our machines all options are available as after market upgrades.

As an entry level option, the SP8000 can be supplied as a 4 head machine to get you going but with the flexibility to upgrade and add additional heads. With the SP8000 format, you can continue to expand your machine as your business grows up to a maximum of 8 filling heads, each capable of precisely delivering up to 350ml per head per second. 


• Master control unit with fill and speed adjustment
• Fill range 10ml-5000ml
• 8 meters of 101mm wide Stainless Steel Conveyor,   fitted with plastic slat belting, product guide rails system.
• Pneumatic positive shut off nozzle
• Gating system
• Full and part dive nozzles
• Neck location
• Run empty bottle detection
• Easy touch to teach fill system
• Interlocked guarding around filling area
• 17ltr stainless steel gear pumps
• Rated liquid flow 200ml/sec on semi
viscous liquids
• 100ml/sec on foaming product full dive