Chromex Technology Ltd.

Chromex technology are fast becoming the market leaders in the design and manufacture of liquid filling and bottle capping machinery. Our proven approach allows our customers to become more competitive within their market sector by supplying them with robust, highly reliable and easy to operate liquid filling solutions at very competitive prices. Our liquid filling systems use the latest in digital servo technology to boost accuracy and together with simple operator adjustments, make us the perfect choice for the modern production environments that require maximum flexibility coupled high levels of productivity and profitability.

SP1001 - Benchtop filling Machine


Primarily a bench/tabletop machine, it also boasts the ability to run as a fully automatic inline machine when coupled with our conveyor and gating system.

SP2000 - Twin head filling Machine

The SP2000 range is the most cost effective automatic liquid filling system currently available, specifically designed for quick and easy change over.

SP8000 - 4-8 head filling Machine


Scalable, reliable & high performance, together with the same simplicity found in the entire range.

Two E-Liquid Filling Lines
E-Liquid Filling Line


The Chromex range now includes the perfect solution for automated production in the vibrant e-liquid industry. If you make e-liquid, we can help.